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Biography summary

singer author, composer
(songs, operas, children's stories)

style: cross over fantasy
where softness, joy, poetry, humor, depth rub shoulders

                                                                                                                                   a voice of 5 octaves
juggling freely beyond harmonic, rhythmic, vocal styles

on the scene
she dances and also plays comedy, with the sandstone of her stories and characters

produced by artists of prestige such as the legendary Aston Barrett (bassist of the Wailers & Bob Marley) & Ras Martin (germany production), Rudy Lenners (ex-drummer of Scorpions), Samuel Hamelin (Universal Music Group, Germany), BMP records (Sony production-London), Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon (France),... etc

Metissia tours in Europe, Scandinavia, India, Africa, South America, Russia, in part to artists such as Tania Maria, Lionel Hampton, Ray Barretto, Steve Hillage, world Pascoal, Clayton Hamilton, etc.

PRESS extracts

A great voice of 5 octaves in a fireworks of harmonies, colors and rhythms.
Unpredictable and surprising,  at every moment.
Ralf Leleu (Virgin Megastore)

Metissia has a voice like no one else"(Pierre Piront! The chapel Studio)

"This is one of the most beautiful show I've seen in my life . David John (my favourite-planet newspaper)

an AWARD won in 2016 for the song "CHELEM" from the Opera "IN SERACH OF HAPPINESS"